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If you need to contact Dr. Rhonda Greenberg between sessions, please leave a message on the cell phone/ voice mail service at (973)267-7767 (office) or (215) 917-1469 (cell for emergencies), and your call will be returned as soon as is possible. If an urgent situation arises, please indicate this clearly in your message. If an emergency arises, and you need immediate assistance, call your local hospital or emergency services by calling 911.

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Center for Forensic and Clinical Psychology Inc

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NOTE: To help ensure privacy, individuals and clients are cautioned against sending sensitive, detailed or personal information to Dr. Rhonda Greenberg or to CFCPI, therapists or other health/treatment service staff via e-mail. Email should never be used to convey information of an urgent nature to therapists or staff. Prompt responses to e-mail messages cannot be guaranteed. Any psychological information sent via email is not considered to be advice. Please contact the office of CFCPI and Dr. Rhonda Greenberg for your questions and referrals regarding psychological evaluations.